Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Pink Notebookz Fashion Review was somewhat promised and I'll be putting up some stuff soon, including what's hot and what really isn't. I'll do something for every style from hipsters to old hollywood... So hang tight children the fashion comes soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Way I feel tonight.

Just like a Woman
-Nina Simone

I take
just like a woman
Yes I do
And I make love
just like a woman
and I ache
just like a woman
but I break
like a little girl

Nobody here feels any pain
tonight as I stand inside the rain
And no one has to guess
that baby's got new clothes
Lately I see her ribbons and her bows
and the problems
from her curls

I take
just like a woman...

It was raining from the first
and I was dying her of thirst
That's why I came here
and a long time's curse
and what's worse
is this pain in here
I can't stay in here
Ain't it clear
Ain't it clear

I must admit
I believe it's time for me to quit
And until we meet again
bein' introduced as friends
please don't let on
that you knew me when
I was hungry
and it was your world

I take
just like a woman....
and I make love
just like a woman
but i break
just like a little girl.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Thought : Colors

Maybe I've made myself too available.
Now you're starting to show a bit of your true colors,
Which we try so desperately to hide.
They betrays us sooner rather than later.
Red does not suit you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

From the Notebook: Archive


I long to kiss you, play with you, tell you something that I’m not ready to say but we both know how I feel I’m afraid to loose you so I’ll be the “friend” nothing else. Keep my distance and wait for the perfect wave and glide my surf board out and ride it until I fall off. But for now the sea is very calm and I have a lot of patience.


You’re so guarded I keep pouring myself out to you and you in turn only offer a little of you at a time. but enough to keep me pulling at the surface wanting more and more of you, so much more. My imagination floats away with you.

These were written in late June

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This should've been in the notebookz: #1

So, I send off an email to you the other day that I kept kicking myself for. Telling you who I feel and what I "thought" I wanted from you. I'm an fool for anything beautiful. And we had spend a beautiful time together, I don't mean to sound overly sentimental but i'm a sucker for anything pure, clean and refreshing and you are just that, So forgive my foolishness.
My excuse is just...
"I'm still so young, I'm not inlove with you, but I like you"
I said this to you about twenty times so it would sink into my own head, and I promise never to forget it.
"I didn't mean to like you, I'm not looking for a relationship, or anything serious right now."
You said, or something along those lines, I was too busy thinking about what to say not to cry...The tears came so close and I pulled them back everytime, praying.
"Lord, please don't let me fall apart tonight."
I was mad at myself for everything, I felt so foolish...foolish, foolish girl...But with all honesty, my heart is not in a place for a relationship right now either, I figured that out waiting for you to answer my email. I'm still picking up the peices of me scattered aimlessly in the winds, who will help me to glue it all back together again? Maybe you? Maybe he? She? Them? Who, lay waiting for me in the future to just get it together.
I need to get it together.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

From the Notebook.


You shouldn’t have tried so hard the second time, The third time I cut my night in half well more like in an eighth to spend the rest of the time trying at that same activity again I won three intense , satisfying times I love to taste your victory in my mouth too, so creamy. We keep re-assuring each other this is strictly for fun. but something deep inside of me is starting to change. I think you sense it.

My Notebook.

For years, I've kept notebooks of feelings and outlooks I've had on various relationships, people and just my general surroundings. After consulting friends, I’ve decided to publish the notebook online so you all can share in the hilarity, the frustrations, the sadness, joys and overall mixed emotion of what I’ve experience. there will be post that aren’t in the notebook as well and that will be indicated. I hope everyone enjoys “Pink Notebookz” feel free to leave comments, feedback, disgust and so forth. Never know, you may be mentioned in the notebook.