Sunday, July 29, 2007

From the Notebook.


You shouldn’t have tried so hard the second time, The third time I cut my night in half well more like in an eighth to spend the rest of the time trying at that same activity again I won three intense , satisfying times I love to taste your victory in my mouth too, so creamy. We keep re-assuring each other this is strictly for fun. but something deep inside of me is starting to change. I think you sense it.

My Notebook.

For years, I've kept notebooks of feelings and outlooks I've had on various relationships, people and just my general surroundings. After consulting friends, I’ve decided to publish the notebook online so you all can share in the hilarity, the frustrations, the sadness, joys and overall mixed emotion of what I’ve experience. there will be post that aren’t in the notebook as well and that will be indicated. I hope everyone enjoys “Pink Notebookz” feel free to leave comments, feedback, disgust and so forth. Never know, you may be mentioned in the notebook.